Miscellaneous Information:

Research Projects on Islam

Title: Islam and society in contemporary Spain

Contact: Gonzalo Villagrán


In spite of the Islamic heritage in Spanish history, the presence of a Muslim community in contemporary Spain is a recent event. It is only after the beginning of the 80’s, and particularly the 90’s that a significant Muslim community appeared in Spain as a product of the immigration process. Such a recent appearance supposes that Spanish society still lacks some strategies and knowledge in order to integrate this new experience of religious pluralism. 

 Our goal is to reflect on the Spanish model of religious pluralism integration and its possibilities in order to integrate the Muslim community. Whilst undertaking this analysis we intend to identify the main problems that appear in pluralistic democracies when integrating the Islamic Community. We would like to study these problems including the perspectives of Muslim and Christian theology in order to offer suggestions for the common good of democratic societies. 

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