The Cluster on Ecology and Environmental Challenges blooms in HEST

The Cluster for Ecology and Environmental Challenges met April 6-7, for its first meeting at Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid. The group met from lunch to lunch, thereby having the fifth cluster meeting.

After mediatating the concluding prayer from Laudato Si´, José Carlos Romero presented the general lines of the HEST programme, with its 7 clusters. Then each participant introduced his/her institution and the activities regarding the topic of the cluster in which he or she was already involved. Eventually, it was concluded that our group represents a diverse set of national experiences and institutions with very different competences.

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HEST fosters Christian-Muslim dialogue

The Cluster on Christian-Muslim Relations of HEST holds its first meeting.

HEST (Higher Education for Social Transformation) is a research project promoted by the European Conference of Provincials. It aims to bring together in a collaborative effort professors and researchers from our Jesuit universities and faculties in Europe and Near East, together with social centres. The ultimate objective is to produce research results on seven key themes (Ecology, Economics and Poverty, Dialogue with Islam, Dialogue between Science and Religion, Anthropology, Ignatian Studies and Migration) that contribute to the transformation of our society from the level of everyday life to the highest political level where decisions are taken that affect us all.

One of these seven themes, i. e. the dialogue between Islam and Christianity, is the one that gathered us last September 3 and 4 in Granada to a group of professors and researchers from different Jesuit institutions with experience in this subject. The Faculty of Theology of Granada hosted and coordinated the event.

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Humanistic firms and employment crisis

The second cluster meeting of the cluster took place in Brussels on July 14 and 15.

The Higher Education for Social Transformation (HEST)  campaign is envisioned as a fifteen-year, pan-continental, cross-disciplinary endeavour which will consider a range of issues including; Christian-Muslim relations, the interaction between science and religion, what it means to be human, how to integrate migrants and refugees, and the role of spirituality (especially Ignatian spirituality) in contemporary life. The goal is to produce meaningful and quality research that can be communicated to a range of audiences so as to promote progressive advocacy in each area.

The second cluster meeting of the cluster on Economy, Poverty and Ethics took place on July 14 and 15, at the CEP office in Brussels. Dr. José Sols and Dr. Pedro Caldentey, the two coordinators of the clusters, welcomed us and leaded the session.

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What human being for the XXI Century

The HEST Anthropology Cluster meets at Centre Sèvres to reflect on big questions of our societies.

“What human being for the XXI Century?” A big question without an obvious answer! A group of anthropologist experts from several Jesuit European Institutions have decided to work together to do just that, namely, find an answer to this big question.

This collaboration is part of the Higher Education for Social Transformation Programme (HEST). Anthropology experts from 4 Jesuit higher education institutions gathered at Centre Sèvres on the 31st of March to find suitable topics that would allow them together and with a focus on what can really make a change in our societies and unite us better as Jesuit institutions.

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Ignatian Studies takes over

The third cluster meeting of the HEST Program.

The third cluster meeting of the HEST programme began with a meeting in the General Curia of the Society of Jesus of Rome, presided over by John Dardis SJ, president of the Conference of European Provincials SJ, and coordinated by José Carlos Romero, coordinator of HEST.

The work of the group focused on issues such as (1) the need to clarify the relationship of Ignatian studies and social transformation; (2) The contribution of European Jesuit centers to Ignatian studies and spirituality, and (3) the question of how to transmit this contribution, or the importance of finding good candidates for Ignatian studies in the future.

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