The HEST cluster on Ignatian studies takes the lead

 At the pace of the discernment of the group, the third meeting of the Ignatian studies cluster of HEST progressed. We wanted to be faithful to the commitment and to the lights that came up during the last meeting in Brussels last September 2017, i.e. "We have to give as much or more importance to “how” we do things than to “what” we want to do.

In this way, this meeting was established as a space of common discernment that would lead us to define the action plan of the cluster.

To this end, we met again in Brussels: Carlos Coupeau (Deusto), José García de Castro (Comillas), Philip Endean (Centre Sevres), Mark Rotsaert (Campion Hall), Jad Chebli (Saint Joseph Univeristy Beirut) and José Carlos Romero (JCEP).

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Meeting of the axis “Contemporary Spiritualties and Spiritual experiences"


On Thursday 14th December 2017 a meeting of the axis “Contemporary Spiritualties and Spiritual experiences" belonging to the Anthropology cluster, was held in Madrid (Los Negrales). Eckhard Frick SJ, from Germany (Hochschule für Philosophy), came to Madrid and participated in the III Interdisciplinary Seminar of the Science, Technology and Religion Chair of the Pontifical University of Comillas, in Los Negrales (in the province of Madrid). I

n the framework of this meeting, we have met some members of the axis "Contemporary Spiritualties and Spiritual experiences": its coordinator, Eckhard Frick and researchers of the Pontifical University of Comillas from Madrid: Pedro Castelao, Silvia Bara, Santiago García Mourelo and Carlos Blanco. They shared the lines of work and research in relation to the spiritual searches of the contemporary human being, in order to outline our contribution to the Congress of Anthropology planned by the Cluster for 2019: "Being Human in the 21st Century: Philosophical and Theological Challenges". They also agreed to hold a meeting (half face-to-face, half by Skype) on Friday morning, 26th October 2018, in Munich, before the Congress organized by Eckhard Frick:"Spirituelle Erfahrung in philosophischer Perspektive". Silvia Bara (From Comillas University) will also participate in the Congress.


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The Migration and Refugee Cluster joins the HEST process

The arrival of migrants and refugees to Europe has been one of the hot topics for decades and it is even more intense, since the start of the civil wars in Syria and Libya. The unhuman conditions, which they have suffered, and the deaths of thousands in the Mediterranean Sea have generated an outcry in the public opinion. At the same time, the public debate in some of the latest elections (such as in France, Netherlands, Austria or the United Kingdome) have rebuke around the role of migration in society. In this context, the Migrations and refugees cluster as part of Higher Education for Social Transformation Programme (HEST) is fostering the debate from an Ignatius perspective: What is the specific contribution that Jesuits Higher Education and Social Institutions can provide to this topic?

Last 21th and 22th in Madrid the Migrants and refugees cluster met for its first meeting at Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid (Spain).

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The HEST project holds its Steering Committee meeting in Comillas

Last Monday 20th November, with the collaboration of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, the second Steering Committee of the HEST project took place.

The meeting was presided over by Father Franck Janin, President of the Jesuit Conference of European Provincials, and was attended by the two coordinators of the seven research groups that make up the project, together with Father Peter Rozic, delegate of the Social Apostolate in Europe, Father Jaime Tatay representing the Cultural Journals in Europe, and the two coordinators of the project: José Carlos Romero and Iciar Villacieros.

The meeting had two distinct parts: The morning was mainly dedicated to present the progress of the project in this first year of its life. It was highlighted that the 7 groups have already been formed and are in the process of defining their respective action plans for the next two years; plans that, in addition to including the research activity of any academic project, will also include a programme of advocacy activities related to the study topic.

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Eco-Hest: A story of 'Bonn' City. Second Cluster Meeting on Ecology and Environmental Challenges

In the context of COP23 where ecological concerns are at the front and center, the ecology and environmental challenges cluster of the Higher Education for Social Transformation (HEST)  met in Bonn and wants to collaborate with the larger Ecojesuit  network in building a narrative based on Laudato Si’ and GC36.

In the face of climate change and environmental decline, the migration and refugee crisis, the rise of nationalistic politics, and the continuing problems with our regional economies, Europeans may be tempted to despair, and ask: “Where can we turn for renewal?  Who can inform the major questions of our day?”

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