Second Steering Committee of the HEST project

The annual meeting of the Steering Committee of the HEST project took place on Monday 21 November in Brussels.

 If last year it was the Universidad Pontificia Comillas that hosted this event, on this occasion the meeting took place in Brussels, specifically in the meeting room of the Ecumenical Chapel of the Resurrection, a work entrusted to the Society of Jesus in the European capital. The place chosen was not by chance. The Chapel represents this meeting place for Christians of different confessions at the very heart of the political and economic life of the Belgian capital. We are Catholics, but with very different backgrounds, and HEST is for us, in some way, the Chapel of the Resurrection.

 Franck Janin, president of the Jesuit Conference of European Provincials chaired the session, which was attended by the coordinators of the 7 clusters that make up the project, as well as representatives of other networks that collaborate with HEST, namely, Father Philip Geister for the Kircher network, Father Peter Rozic for JESC and Father Jaime Tatay for the network of European cultural magazines.

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The HEST cluster on Ignatian studies meets in Brussels for the fourth time

A new meeting of the Ignatian studies cluster of the project took place on October 12 and 13.
On this occasion we missed Carlos Coupeau, but we were happy to incorporate Tibor Bartok sj, professor of the Institute of Spirituality at the Gregorian University in Rome.

The meeting focused on the presentation of various academic papers by members of the group.
Philip Endean brought us a reflection on the evolution of the way of understanding social transformation in the Society of Jesus in the last General Congregations. Jad Chebli told us about the life of Jesuit Nicloas Kluiters, a martyr in Lebanon. His life experience continues to move and inspire. Finally, Fredrik Heiding brought us a reflection on formation for social transformation.

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Encounter of the HEST programme’s cluster on Christian Muslim relations. Innsbruck



On October 22nd and 23rd the cluster on Christian-Muslim dialogue of the HEST programme held an encounter in Innsbruck on “Studying, Teaching and Encountering Islam in Ignatian Contexts”. The meeting gathered a group of 18 scholars working on Islamic-Christian dialogue coming from Sankt Georgen (Frankfurt), Deusto University, Comillas University, Université Saint Joseph (Beirut), Facultad de Teología de Granada, Saint Thomas Institute (Moscow), Collegium Bobolanum Warsaw, PISAI (Rome), Universidad Loyola Andalucía and Innsbruck Faculty of Theology. There was also a Jesuit from the German Province working directly with Muslim migrants in the social apostolate. The meeting was coordinated by Michaela Quast-Neulinger (Innsbruck Faculty of Theology), Tobias Specker SJ (Sankt Georgen) and Gonzalo Villagrán SJ (Granada Faculty of Theology)

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Kraków’s seminar on the theme: “A powerful universe – levels of powers” Metaphysics of dispositions and its applications. Part I.

The Science and Religion HEST Cluster - after a series of the preparatory Skype meeting – gathered face to face in the real world. On 6-7th of October 2018 in Cracow (Poland) took place our second working seminar. It was the first of three gatherings of the HEST Cluster on Science and Religion which were planned within the project “A powerful universe – levels of powers” elaborated by the gathering of the Cluster in February 2018 in Innsbruck.

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Second webinar of the HEST Ecology Cluster

On June 8, the second Webinar of the HEST cluster on Ecology and Environmental Challenges took place. Once again Andreas Carlgren chaired the session.

This time, we took advantage of the gathering to continue the reflection on Laudato Si (led by Stefan Einsiedel) and to discuss the details of the future research project of the cluster (led by Richard Maroun).
Regarding the latter, two topics were revealed as the most consensual ones for the group, i.e. solid waste/food waste and air pollution/transportation.

We decided to leave the decision open for the time being and take it in our next webinar. In order to inform this important decision, a survey will be developed and distributed to collect information about the preferences and concrete expertise of the cluster member regarding these topics.

Next webinar will be on Friday, October 5th, from 13:00 to 15:00.


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