HEST Cluster on Science and Religion - Innsbruck’s workshop of dispositionalism

The workshop took place on the 26-27th of Feburary 2018 in the wintry Austrian city of Innsbruck at the Faculty of Theology of the Innsbruck University. The following five members of the Cluster took part in the event: prof. Josef Quitterer from Innsbruck University (the host of the workshop), dr Jacek Poznański SJ from Jesuit University Ignatianum in Cracow (coordinator of the cluster), dr Tobias Müller from Hochschule für Philosophie in München, dr Bruno Nobre SJ from Catholic University of Portugal in Braga, dr Francois Euvé SJ from Centre Sevre in Paris. On the first day some other members joined the workshop by online Skype connection: José Carlos Romero (HEST coordinator) and prof. Sara Lumbreras (coordinator of the cluster), both from Comillas University in Madrid.

 The meeting began with Checa Romero’s presentation on the developments within the whole HEST project. He informed also about progresses in all other clusters. Then Jacek Poznański presented the outcomes of the Cluster’s survey which subsequently were discussed in details.

After the break two papers on powers and dispositionalism were read. First one prepared by Josef Quitterer and the second one by Tobias Müller. Each paper was followed by the discussions. Then, short communications from Bruno Nobre and Francois Euvé were offered. The discussions followed. The first day was rounded by the late evening visit in a Tirolian restaurant made possible by the courtesy of the Faculty of Theology.

 The next day the workshop started early morning with the remaining short communication by Jacek Poznański. Then the two short texts on powers prepared by prof. Dominique Lambert from Namur University and prof. Joaquin Menacho SJ from Barcelona’s Chemical Institute were read and discussed. All these papers and communications were to disposed the participants to discern how to go forward both in terms of the content of the research project as well as in terms of the way of proceeding for remaining two years of HEST programme.

 In the last part of the workshop the participants managed to formulate, firstly, the first draft of the content of the possible research topic focusing on levels of powers, and secondly, the possible timeline for the realization of the research plans which includes three bigger gatherings of the Cluster members.

 In general, the meeting was a time of lively exchange and discussions which were documented by Bruno Nobre SJ, the workshop’s secretary. The two-days event ended with the dinner in the Jesuit College. We all are grateful for the excellent organization effected by Josef Quitterer, the dean of the Theological Faculty. Many thanks go also to the Jesuit community which generously accommodated and fed most of us during these days.

 Jacek Poznański SJ


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