Registration for the symposium in Paris on 16-17 May 2019 is now open

Study days and symposia in Krakow, Munich and Namur have been taken up with critical analysis and reflection on how humanity is understood, suggesting some responses to the new forms of reductionism. These events have been preparing the las event of the cluster in Anthropology during this first period of the HEST project (2017-2019).

The Paris symposium on 16-17 May 2019 will be an opportunity to take stock of what has been learnt and discovered in this work, to explore some ways forward in thinking about the changes that have taken place in anthropology, and to take up a critical dialogue with these developments by proposing some new positions of our own.

You are kindly invited to register through this LINK by February 15th.

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L´identité en question: entre parcours de vulnérabilités et chemins d´autonomie

Colloque vulnérabilité et identité



Humanity is vulnerable: the context of the crisis we are going through, both ecological and societal, is enough to convince us of this. Faced with this observation, a first reaction - as the ethical debates show quite clearly - consists in wanting to fight against this vulnerability, in the name of an autonomy conceived as an affirmation of the individual. Is it, however, the most respectful reaction to man, this being who is at the same time sensitive and rational, solitary and political? Authors (Aristotle, Levinas, Nussbaum and Ricoeur) as well as openings to science (medicine, robotics, computer science), law and the arts (literature, cinema), will help us to uncover this delicate and changing game of the capable and the vulnerable, which constitutes the human being.

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Tutzing Anthropology meeting

Subgroup III: Spirituality


On the 26th to the 28th of October the Spirituality meeting (from Anthropology cluster) took place in Tutzing. In this occasion they prepared the contents for the assembly in Paris.

At Paris Colloquium they we will mount a half-day discussion on The Soul and its Care

Ignatius sought to help souls. In a world where the Church struggles to be heard, how can philosophy and other disciplines help us discover what spiritual care means?

Four speakers, from different cultures and with different disciplinary formations, will address this topic: provisionally Eckhard Frick (Germany, psychoanalysis); Oxana Pimenova (Russia, sociology); Bruno Saintôt (France, bioethics); Philip Endean (UK, analytic philosophy)

Each will speak for a maximum of 20 minutes – they are encouraged to be simple, and to think hard about how best to communicate with people who do not share their backgrounds.

The half-day will have three periods of 50-55 minutes, with a break. In each of the first two, the two speakers will make their presentations, with brief questions following. The final period will be given over to plenary discussion.

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The Cluster on Ecology meets again in Brussels

 On the 20th and 21st of November, the third HEST ecology cluster in-person meeting took place in Brussels. The two-day meeting was held at the JESC offices and followed the group’s last October webinar, where the main points of the November meeting agenda had been agreed.

 From the beginning of the meeting, there was an inspiring team spirit and sense of community that provided the group with a great boost of energy and positivity for the following two days. Before the formal discussions, the group shared a nice Paella lunch allowing them to catch up and get ready for the demanding meeting of the evening.

 After the energizing lunch, the first part of the meeting began with a short presentation on JESC work and mission offered by Fr. Peter Rožič SJ, Director of JESC. José Carlos Romero, the HEST coordinator, presented an update on the HEST program and gave a brief overview on the state of the other six HEST clusters. He highlighted that the steering committee that had taken place the previous day was the most fruitful meeting they have had so far, where coordinators of each group presented what they were doing; their expectations and what they thought was not working.

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Second Steering Committee of the HEST project

The annual meeting of the Steering Committee of the HEST project took place on Monday 21 November in Brussels.

 If last year it was the Universidad Pontificia Comillas that hosted this event, on this occasion the meeting took place in Brussels, specifically in the meeting room of the Ecumenical Chapel of the Resurrection, a work entrusted to the Society of Jesus in the European capital. The place chosen was not by chance. The Chapel represents this meeting place for Christians of different confessions at the very heart of the political and economic life of the Belgian capital. We are Catholics, but with very different backgrounds, and HEST is for us, in some way, the Chapel of the Resurrection.

 Franck Janin, president of the Jesuit Conference of European Provincials chaired the session, which was attended by the coordinators of the 7 clusters that make up the project, as well as representatives of other networks that collaborate with HEST, namely, Father Philip Geister for the Kircher network, Father Peter Rozic for JESC and Father Jaime Tatay for the network of European cultural magazines.

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