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Last News - Migrations

The cluster on Migrations meets in Bilbao

The Migrants and Refugees Cluster met, between the 3rd and 4th of March, at Deusto University (Bilbao, Spain). Six leading European Institutions were represented which provide complementary views, experiences and competences: Human Rights Institute (Deusto University -  Bilbao, Spain), Migrations and Refugees Research Center (Comillas Pontifical University – Madrid, Spain) JRS Belgium, Global Studies Center from Munich, Jesuits University Ignatiatum from Poland and Escuelas SAFA from Ubeda (Spain). A review regarding the general state of HEST programme and the new goals to achieve for 2019 was presented. Three experts were invited to discuss the situation about how migrants and refugees are dealing with social integration in Europe.

Miguel González (Ellacuría Foundation and JSM/JRS) started explaining his national and international experience in community-based initiatives and the project “I get you”. Gonzalez focused on defining and discussing main concepts such as stereotypes related to migration in the current context in Europe, prejudices, racism and discrimination. Moreover, the discussion addressed why populist movements and ideologies in Europe have gained such strength lately.

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The Migration and Refugee Cluster joins the HEST process

The arrival of migrants and refugees to Europe has been one of the hot topics for decades and it is even more intense, since the start of the civil wars in Syria and Libya. The unhuman conditions, which they have suffered, and the deaths of thousands in the Mediterranean Sea have generated an outcry in the public opinion. At the same time, the public debate in some of the latest elections (such as in France, Netherlands, Austria or the United Kingdome) have rebuke around the role of migration in society. In this context, the Migrations and refugees cluster as part of Higher Education for Social Transformation Programme (HEST) is fostering the debate from an Ignatius perspective: What is the specific contribution that Jesuits Higher Education and Social Institutions can provide to this topic?

Last 21th and 22th in Madrid the Migrants and refugees cluster met for its first meeting at Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid (Spain).

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