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Next HEST Event - Ecology

20 Nov 2018;
01:00PM - 01:00PM
Hest cluster on Ecology

Last News - Ecology

Second webinar of the HEST Ecology Cluster

On June 8, the second Webinar of the HEST cluster on Ecology and Environmental Challenges took place. Once again Andreas Carlgren chaired the session.

This time, we took advantage of the gathering to continue the reflection on Laudato Si (led by Stefan Einsiedel) and to discuss the details of the future research project of the cluster (led by Richard Maroun).
Regarding the latter, two topics were revealed as the most consensual ones for the group, i.e. solid waste/food waste and air pollution/transportation.

We decided to leave the decision open for the time being and take it in our next webinar. In order to inform this important decision, a survey will be developed and distributed to collect information about the preferences and concrete expertise of the cluster member regarding these topics.

Next webinar will be on Friday, October 5th, from 13:00 to 15:00.


First webinar of the HEST Ecology Cluster

During their in-person meetings in Madrid and Bonn, the members of the Ecology Cluster developed a clear idea about their favorite way of working together: they wanted to preserve the good team spirit, the close interaction and intense discussions, but at the same time they felt it was necessary to reduce the travel cost for both the participants and the environment. For that reason they decided to intenify their cooperation via three online workshops (or webinars) and one personal meeting per year.

The first of these webinars took place on March 9th. After José Carlos Romero had guided the group through the technical details of the webinar and the HEST website, the group focused on two issues: sharing their personal reflections on “Living Laudato Si“ and – based on these findings – how to continue with their action plan and research projects. During the personal reflections, it became clear that Pope Francis` encyclica is not so much a roadmap that explains what must be done in order to save the environment, but a precious orientation how to do it. The participants decided to collect further feedback on “Living Laudati Si“ and to elaborate these findings as they can serve as a valuable orientation for both researchers and activists, for clergy men, politicians and concerned citizens alike. 

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