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Last News - Ecology

Updates and latest meetings – HEST Ecology Cluster

 Since the last in-person meeting took place in Brussels in last November, the HEST Ecology cluster has been meeting regularly through webinars to share the developments and last updates of the different projects. The November meeting was followed by two general webinars: one on the 25th of January and another one on the 20th of March. Both discussions showed that the group is highly motivated and that the development of the projects is on the right track.

 Moreover, with the purpose of furthering the group’s work on the research project on food waste, a subgroup was created. In this group four different dimensions are being considered: social, theological, philosophical and scientific, and each of them is represented by one member of the group. The last meeting of the subgroup took place the 1st of February. During this webinar, the group shared their comments and thoughts on a paper written by Edmond Grace, SJ and María Verdugo from JESC on the social aspect of food waste and stressed the importance of looking into the idea of guilt and considering the possibility of incorporating psychology studies to this research. The group discussed the next steps to follow and prepared a short summary in order to present all the information to the general group during the next webinar.

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The Cluster on Ecology meets again in Brussels

 On the 20th and 21st of November, the third HEST ecology cluster in-person meeting took place in Brussels. The two-day meeting was held at the JESC offices and followed the group’s last October webinar, where the main points of the November meeting agenda had been agreed.

 From the beginning of the meeting, there was an inspiring team spirit and sense of community that provided the group with a great boost of energy and positivity for the following two days. Before the formal discussions, the group shared a nice Paella lunch allowing them to catch up and get ready for the demanding meeting of the evening.

 After the energizing lunch, the first part of the meeting began with a short presentation on JESC work and mission offered by Fr. Peter Rožič SJ, Director of JESC. José Carlos Romero, the HEST coordinator, presented an update on the HEST program and gave a brief overview on the state of the other six HEST clusters. He highlighted that the steering committee that had taken place the previous day was the most fruitful meeting they have had so far, where coordinators of each group presented what they were doing; their expectations and what they thought was not working.

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